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Why have I built an online shop?

After coming back to railway modelling and unpacking boxes which have remained sealed for 20+ years, I find there are lots of things I don’t need or want. In fact, I’ve found quite a few items I have no recollection of acquiring … a Portescap and several Mashima motors, for example – how did that happen?!

Some of the items are going to be surplus because I have decided to go EM – I dithered 20 years ago and didn’t make up my mind. Some items are old Hornby-Dublo or Triang which won’t have a place on my layout – such as the Triang 2-car ‘Southern EMU’ (model numbers R156 and R225 bought second-hand and unboxed). Elsewhere in this blog I also talk about my unmade metal loco kits vs. the excellent RTR models of the same prototypes which have appeared, as it were, while my back was turned.

It’s true that I could have chosen to sell my surplus railway bits on eBay. The new RMweb ‘buy and sell’ doesn’t look to be as good as the old version in some ways, so I don’t think that’s an option. Having the shop on Mixed Traffic means I don’t pay commissions for selling the items, though they have to be fixed prices – eBay’s auction only works because so many people visit the site.

I’ve also done it because I can – I have the technology and the know-how. That know-how is vitally important when it comes to getting the site indexed by Google. And not just indexed, but coming up in the search results on the first page or two.It’s what my wife Joy and I do for businesses across the UK … see our business websites at and

We also train people in business writing (copywriting) for print media and for the internet: and

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