My Railway Project

The Railway Modelling ‘Project’

I couldn’t think of anything else to sum up my plan to build a model railway layout. And not just start a layout, but actually finish it.

I’ve been re-reading a book by O S Nock on the history of the London and South Western Railway. Getting my layout to the ‘trains running through scenery’ stage looks like being every bit as fraught (and expensive) as promoting and building a new railway in the 1840s. This page and the 4MT blog, is where I shall tell the story, with all its trials and tribulations.

As I begin this introduction, I’m at the ‘wouldn’t it be a jolly idea to have a model railway’ stage. There’s been no detailed planning beyond some initial sketches, and I’m still some way from cutting the first sod and starting the earthworks. In other words, the loft needs a new hatch and the boarding out hasn’t started yet. These are mere details.

I’ve had two types of advice so far … ‘aim for something manageable, start small’ … and … ‘go for it’ – it’s the latter advice I’ll be heeding as I launch into my once-in-a-lifetime project. After all, I have only one lifetime, and I’ve already used rather a lot of it.

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