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Selling online

Why have I built an online shop? After coming back to railway modelling and unpacking boxes which have remained sealed for 20+ years, I find there are lots of things I don’t need or want. In fact, I’ve found quite a few items I have no recollection of acquiring … a Portescap and several Mashima… Continue Reading

expoEM – Bracknell 2015

I’ve been looking forward to this exhibition ever since re-joining the EMGS last November. The last (and only) expoEM I went to was in Bletchley (I think) in the 1990s – a very vague and distant memory … I have no idea what I saw there. This year is the 60th anniversary of the EMGS… Continue Reading

Victory MRC Exhibition, 2015

I’d been so busy recently that I’d forgotten to check the exhibition diary to see what was on locally (Hampshire) – if it hadn’t been for Laurie, I’d have missed it. As part of my conversation with him, he’d suggested I go and see Freshwater, a 2mm Finescale layout. I also wanted to visit the… Continue Reading

And this is where the story really starts …

I don’t remember when I first noticed trains. My first train set was tin-plate, wind up, and probably second-hand. I must have been older than three at the time because my hazy memories place me and my train set in our rented rooms in Kennington. Some time after that, and before we moved out to… Continue Reading

My first modelling mini-effort

It wasn’t much really. George said “We just need some restraining chains on these two loads so it looks like they’ll stay on. They will, of course – they’re glued on.” So started my first nervous and shaky steps back into modelling after twenty-plus years. The wagons in question were long wheelbase flats with what… Continue Reading

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Romsey 2015

This is the first time I’d been to the Romsey exhibition. I want to go to this one in particular to meet John Shaw and see his ‘Winterly’ couplings in action. Continue Reading

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