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Wireless in Southampton

The last weekend in January saw me visiting the Southampton Model Railway Exhibition. Confusingly, it’s held in Eastleigh … but that does make it easy to get to, being just a few minutes off both the M3 and the M27. This was my first visit to the Southampton show (having only recently moved into the… Continue Reading

Decisions: Scale and gauge

The decision on scale is fairly straightforward for me. Having seen layouts at exhibitions in 2mm, 3mm, 4mm and 7mm, I can summarise my thoughts thus: 2mm – Although this allows an awful lot to be squeezed into any space, the models are tiny. For me, this compromises the whole look of a layout, and… Continue Reading

Carriages – RTR and kits revisted

Question: As a follow-on from the question about RTR locos, I also have some decisions to make about my coaching stock. I’m aware that Hornby and Bachmann make coaches which might be suitable for my layout –  Southern Maunsell and Bulleid stock – and there’s the forth-coming ex.LSWR gate stock from Kernow (though the latter… Continue Reading

Locos – kits vs RTR

Question: Given the current availability of RTR locos suitable for my layout, should I sell my unmade white metal and brass kits, and buy RTR? I put this question to my modelling friends at the pub this week. I’m conscious of two things which might affect the answer to this question: My modelling skills are… Continue Reading

Layout planning and Templot

Have you ever tried Templot? I’m sure its very powerful, but the user interface is … is … words escape me. I’ve worked in IT most of my life, and the only nothing which is more difficult to grasp is assembler. Dave Smith said “All you have to remember is that each formation is a… Continue Reading

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