Baseboard joiners for the 21st Century

From conversations I’ve overheard and my experience with a number of our club layouts, joining baseboards consistently and reliably is at best a black art and at worst a nightmare.

All the club layouts I’ve seen (and I haven’t yet seen them all in pieces) use the ubiquitous metal dowel locating pegs, followed by various configurations of nuts, bolts and wing-nuts, or case clips. Until the clips have been fastened, or the bolts are in place, there’s nothing in the design of the dowels to keep everything together. This matters when, as in the case of my most recent setting up experience, finding the right sort and length of bolt/wing-nut, and working out which side it goes in from (because it varies) … AND … trying to hold everything together, requires one to be an octopus.

Accurate set up of the dowels is obviously essential to ensure consistent alignment, as with any system of aligning baseboards. When I get to the point of building my own (planned for early 2016), this is probably the part I’ll find most challenging.

The real problem is that the dowel system is an adaptation of the dowel principle applied to locating (not joining) baseboards, rather than something purpose designed which does more than just getting the alignment right.

Enter Brian Wilson and his registered design of Baseboard Joiners.

I met Brian and saw his baseboard joiners in action at the Fareham Model Railway Exhibition (3rd & 4th October 2015). He describes them as “an entirely new concept in baseboard joining”, and I have to agree. To quote Brian’s leaflet a little further:

This system does away with nuts, bolts, clamps and various other fixtures and provides a very quick and easy solution.

Because of the unique design of the joiners, the baseboard will automatically locate in the same place every time and form a smooth and sturdy joint. The use of suitcase locks on the sides provides extra security and makes the joined baseboards extremely rigid – an important factor in the exhibition environment.

Brian doesn’t recommend his joiners for retro-fitting as getting the alignment right would be difficult … as it would be trying to retro-fit dowels.

To say I was impressed is an understatement. The design of the male/female components ensures accurate location in all three axes, and holds the boards together while you sort out the case clips.

For more information and pricing, contact Brian Wilson … 01825 840 769 …

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