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Closer view of chainsIf model railways get your pulses racing, step right in and indulge yourself. As well as information about my modelling project, there’s news on the blog from some of the south coast’s model railway shows and exhibitions … and anything else which gets my attention from time to time.

My modelling project

Looking back, I can’t believe how long ago I started the planning for this model railway – we’re talking the late 1980s. In mitigation, I must confess I’ve spent nearly twenty-five of the intervening years with everything railway packed away in boxes, and with railway modelling completely off my radar. Imagine my surprise in 2014 to find RTR locos and rolling stock which really looked the part!

In that time, just about the only thing that hasn’t changed is my Grand Design (job, family, location … all changed). This time I’m determined, and wife #2 is actually supportive!

Websites, writing and blogging

What better way to share my enthusiasm for railways and to document progress, than to write blogs and build a website. Actually, it’s a bit of a busman’s holiday as building websites and writing brings in the pennies. My wife Joy and I have written our first book together (see “Unexpected” on Amazon), though it isn’t my first.

Without further ado, come into my world.

The Project



Everything else

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